Studies have shown that traditional performance appraisals often fail to provide an accurate review about an employee’s performance. The traditional reviews process can be biased in nature and won’t give organizations a clear picture about an employee’s performance. In order to review an employee correctly and in a better way, it is important for the organizations to implement a 360 degree feedback assessment process.

360 degree evaluation tool

Knowing About 36-Degree Feedback

360 degree feedback is an assessment tool that evaluates the behavior and performance of employees. Basically, the 360 degree evaluation tool measures how people perform their task and how they behave with others. The performance or behavior evaluation of an employee is done by several people who work within the firm. It includes managers, subordinates, peers, customers, as well as clients. As an employee is reviewed by various people, it reduces the chance of the feedback being biased.

Do They Really Work?

Many organizations might come up with the question whether 360 degree feedback really works? Well, the answer is yes.

The goal of 360 degree feedback is not to mock at someone’s weakness. Rather, it provides an opportunity to rigorously examine an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. It aims to help an individual to improve their performance within a team and succeed. After going through the 360 degree evaluation report, organizations can work with their employees, to come up with strategies that can help them to improve their performance. Working on developmental plans can help organizations to hold the employees accountable for their performance.

One of the most common questions that come in the mind of the employers is whether using 360 degree feedback would be of any help for the employees. The 360 degree feedback can evaluate an employee’s behavior and performance within an organization. The evaluation is essential for employee reviews in many ways. Here you will get to see the ways in which employees can get benefitted. They are:

360 evaluations are effective for team development, individual development and improvement, and organizational growth.

Increase Self-Awareness360 degree evaluation

When an employee receives a review or 360 degree evaluation from their superiors or subordinates about their behavior or performance, it can help in creating self-awareness.  For example, employees can get a complete insight about their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, they get to know how they are perceived by others. A leader can learn if he/ she are well accepted by the team members or not. This helps employee to develop a better understanding about their self.

Highlighting Strengths/ Weaknesses

360 reviews that evaluate an employee can easily help to identify the strengths and blind spots of an individual. When an individual gets a review on these factors, it can help them to work on them accordingly. They can try to get over their weaknesses through proper training and so on.

Balanced Assessment

360 feedback can be helpful for employees as they get an all-rounded view about their performance and behavior from all quarters. The 360 degree evaluation can help employers to understand if any employee needs to develop their skills in order to help them perform better.

Organization can take the help of 360-degree feedback for the development of the individuals and for their organization. With proper employee review by their side, it can help them to determine the advancement opportunities.